Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 Rock Songs About Childhood and Children

For me, children are the most beautiful gift from God. They are the ones who brighten our day and lights up our lives. I also remember my childhood days. I am free, I only think about playing the whole day, Running wild in the farm with my friends, enjoying the summer break. My life now is far from my life when i was a child but my life now is full of happiness because of my children. They are the ones who color my life and the reason why I continue to fight and stand in life. Here are 10 songs about Childhood and Children.

1. Enter Sandman - Metallica A lullabye with a dark twist. 
2. Jeremy - Pearl Jam This song was written by Eddie Vedder because he felt that Youth with problems didnt      receive much attention. 
3. We're going to be friends - The white stripes I remember my grade school days in this song. It is about the fun of going to school, learning to count and spell, and walking to school with a friend.
4. Sliver - Nirvana Kurt Cobain wrote this song telling his scary trip to his grand mom's house.
5. Sail to the moon - Radiohead Thom yorke, Radiohead's Frontman written this song for his son noah telling him that there's no limit to what he can do someday.
6. Daughter - Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder wrote this song because he felt that attention should be brought to the difficult lives of children with learning difficuties. Pearl jam used their rock songs to stress issues like these.
7. I'm Eighteen - Alice Cooper This one is one of the best rock songs during the 1970's and one of the best songs about growing up.
8. Glory Days - Bruce Springteen This song recounts the glory days of High School and the sweet young love.
9. Sarah - Thin Lizzy Phil Lynott wrote this song for his new born daughter Sarah. It expressed his hope and joy that Sarah brought to his life. Unfortunately, Lynott died after 7 years due to the complications of his drug addiction.
10. Forever Young - Bob Dylan The song is about a father who give his son advice and wishing him all the best in life.

CREDITS: Mademan


  1. Great blog post here. You chose a lot of music that I would never have thought about. I forgot how cool the "Enter Sandman" video is.

    I teach English online and I always love to give my students links to songs about the subject matter (today was childhood). I have a feeling that I'm going to be using this list in the future too!