Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello Rockenrollers! I went on a hiatus from blogging because of the time my work and family life demanded, I'm already a work at home mom, working from 9pm to 5am manila time (that's 9 am to 5 pm US central time) and in the morning, i'll go and take the kids to school and wait for them until 2pm to go back home, and then the house chores and everything. Really, it wasnt easy to manage the time and allocate to the things that we prioritize and "sneak" in some time for the things that we really want to do (I didn't even have a time to go to the mall :c) but I know you know the feeling of doing something that you really want that you would find sometime to do it no matter how busy and hectic your schedule is. Whenever i lay down at night (or at dawn to sleep for like 2 hours before I prep the kids and myself to school), I always think of writing down something to share with you, my readers (If i have any, lol) especially some tips about the mommy life and some trivia/facts or anything in between about rock music. I'm also thinking of inviting/accepting guest posts from some of the cool women/moms in my circle of friends, or even in the blogosphere, not just to keep this blog running but to share some thoughts from the amazing people I know. May it be about music, recipe, childcare, unusual facts, informative stuff, product reviews, family and married life, and the likes. If you guys wanna share something that you would like to see here in the blog, you can contact me Here (no spammers please). I would love to hear from you guys. Thank you, see you soon! and LET THERE BE ROCK!


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